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First Workshop

First Workshop, IUEM, Plouzané, France, 22 to 24 May, 2018

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The workshop will be held at IUEM from 22 to 24 May 2018. The institute is located at the city of Plouzané, near Brest, on the western coast of France near the entry of the Brest bay. From the Pointe du Diable (Devil’s Point) the view on the cliffs of the Brittany west coast is breathtaking! Especially in May, when the weather is often sunny and (relatively) warm.

The main objectives of this first workshop are to:

  • discuss the state of the art on research on transform faults and associated fracture zones;
  • discuss the opportunity of establishing a working team to write review papers on our knowledge about transforms/fracture zones;
  • discuss the main scientific open questions on the geological processes at transforms/fracture zones;
  • establish the frame for future collaborative, ambitious projects, involving several cruises/experiments with different nations;
  • suggest sessions for future EGU/AGU meetings.

The first day will be dedicated to keynote talks about transform faults, fracture zones and related topics. The second day will split the participants into different round tables to discuss the state of the art and the main scientific questions to be addressed as well as strategies to answer them in the future years. The morning of the third day will allow a general discussion and the writing of the recommendations and conclusions of this first workshop. The final program will be available soon.

Young scientists participation to this workshop is encouraged by grants allowed to help with the travelling expenses. Advanced PhD and first year post-doctoral researchers can apply to the grants through the registration form. The number of grants is limited and the selection will be done by the working group members.

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