Brest: maps and guide book

Dear all

I uploaded on the University file transfer system a map of Brest with the tramway line in the city center and also a booklet with a few interesting places to visit, if you stay a little longer or arrive a little earlier. The files were too large to be uploaded in the website.

Note that Monday 21 is a holiday in France. However, most places will be open.

Next week we expect to have sunny days, although not too warm. But we are in Brittany and weather may change fast. Let’s hope it will not!

Have a nice trip to Brest and see you all next week!


The Organizing Committee of the Interridge Workshop on Oceanic Transform Faults has awarded five travel grants to encourage the participation of young scientists.
Our congratulations to:

Thomas Morrow, PhD student in geophysics at University of Idaho (USA)

Cécile Prigent, post-doc in petrology at University of Delaware (USA)

Emily Roland, scientist in geophysics at University of Washington (USA)

Christopher Schmidt, PhD student in hydrothermalism/fluids at GEOMAR (Germany)

Fan Zhang, post-doc in geophysics at Southern University of Science and Technology (China)

Strikes in France!

Dear all

This spring, several strikes are planned in France. The train service, and possibly also the planes, will be severely impacted. The strike days and information on the train services are updated regularly. The strike days, where the number of trains circulating will be considerably small, are already known. You can find information on the strike at SNCF here.

Concerning the planes, Air France already had some strike days early April but there is nothing announced for May. However, this situation may evolve.



Deadlines for the first workshop

Dear participant

The deadline for the registration to the first workshop of the OTF working group is April 20.

The deadline for applying to the young scientist travel support is March 31. The applications will be evalueated on the first week of April and the results announced immediately. We remind that the grants are intended to help with the travel expenses but will not cover the entire travel costs.

To register click here